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The Cartoon HD APK is one of finest movie streaming app available for androids and iOS. This app has ability of turning the smart phone into the best movie streaming device.  It also permits one to watch any cartoons in HD as well as movies and TV shows with comfort and simplicity at home.

We are living in smartphones era we used for all work like for entertainment, communication, banking, and all other services.

Download Cartoon HD Apk is the online streaming app in this app you can watch online videos and movies. The most amazing application is here for you in this application you can stream in free of cost.

Click to Download, After download complete click to download a file and click on EXTRACT, Then completing of Extract click on .APK file to Install.

Get Best Alternative of Cartoon HD is Tea TV APk

First Read Full Installation Method then you can easily use this app on your devices without any issues. To download the app click the below button and click to continue then its automatically start.

If you are looking for Cartoon HD Apk then you are at the right place. In this post, we will provide you with links to download Cartoon HD App. We will also share each and every detail that you need to know about this app. There are hundreds of Movie Streaming apps available on the Internet but Cartoon HD has its own unique features that you will find promising.

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As 21st-century people, we use smartphones as a tool to get fun and entertainment. There’s only a fingertip distance to all the fun and joy when you have an app like Cartoon HD Apk installed on your device. Cartoon HD is free to download, this app is more fun for people those who like to watch cartoons, movies from their smart devices. First we made Cartoon HD to bring Cartoon TV shows. But now it has widely spread all over the world as an all included app with movies and TV shows.

Cartoon HD APK is an entertaining application for the two main mobile operating systems in the world; Android and iOS. It is compatible with Windows platforms as well. This app is originally developed to entertain you with high definition quality movies and TV shows. Recently this app has become a global trend only because of its unique and impressive features. This is the only video streaming application in the world, which delivers HD quality sources even with a slow internet connection.

Cartoon HD: Since the turn of 2010, smartphones have become the important daily drivers for most of the activities. Earlier, people used to rely on computers and other alternatives for helping them browse the web, send emails, listen to music, watch movies and play games. Today, we have a number of smartphones at our disposal that are capable enough to perform computing tasks and the best thing about them is that, they are portable. Talking of smartphones, we have a variety of smartphones out there for every price bracket. There are the expensive ones that sport great processors and high quality screens, while some have a great camera and some have all of the above. Thus, it is veracious enough to say that smartphones have become the big thing today. Download Cartoon HD Now.

Whenever we talk about smartphones, Android is the term that could not go unnoticed. That mentioned, Android is the most wide-spread, open sourced platform that powers more than 500 million smartphones and tablets worldwide. That is why, it is also known as the most popular operating system for mobile technology. With the evolution of technology, Android devices have become better and better. We have good processors, high storage capacity and good screens, and fast internet access. Because of the above mentioned attributes, watching movies and playing video games on smartphones has gained a lot of popularity. There are a number of Android apps that allow users to watch movies and television series, but the only problem with them is that, they are not free to use. Popular web streaming apps and websites like Netflix, HBO Go, and Amazon Prime come with a subscription fee that most of the users are unwilling to pay. Here is when Cartoon HD comes to the rescue. Just like the aforementioned apps, Cartoon HD too is a video-on-demand service, but with a twist. Download Cartoon HD online for free today to find out more about it.

The term Android itself is a powerful word because of the revolution it has added to the smartphone platforms. When Nokia N-series have launched, no one knew the true meaning of the smartphone that can handle Cartoon HD Apk and how powerful it can be with the help of advanced technology for a user.

In this era we need app for movies and other entertainment, Cartoon HD is best for us to entertain our life with movies & TV shows.

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What is Cartoon HD APK?

The Cartoon HD app has been pulled up from the Apple’s App store.  However, now in the market there are several of apps which are copied ones. This allows free access to cartoons and full length feature films which includes new releases like Despicable Me2. The app cost about £20, although it is available for free.

However, the copyrights has been snatched by Apple company which it claimed to be its. And they do not belong to this cartoon HD app. as the content which it is providing belongs to the Apple.  That is why it even warned that while using the app one should be very careful at least from their side. It has always been suggestion that always avoid using apps from the known sources as the app has not been verified by the side of Apple and Google. When someone is installing the app, they must be careful while doing that because Google and Apple will not be responsible for that matter.

What are the Features of Cartoon HD APK?

Whereas, every cons bring pros and every pros bring cons. Similarly this app has so many pros which I am sure will make one fall for it. Below points will prove why one should download this and enjoy the profits of it.

With the help of this app one can download any videos which they want. The videos are available in 720p, 480p and 360p. This one is available in Full HD videos.

Plus this one has even fantastic user – interface which makes it even more appealing for the users. And the interface can be installed without any troubles.

Along with this app everything is explicit and smooth.

The app has provided one of the biggest databases and that will be for movies, videos and TV shows, by the help of this you will be able in watching that online.

Plus there is one of great advantage that is watching videos and movies in 3D quality.

Even with poor internet this works nicely.

How to Install Cartoon HD APK application on Android?

In this section we will discuss how to install in Android smartphone, for this we have given step by step procedure below:

If you are installing first time you need to allow unknown sources to install third-party apps.

Download Cinema HD APK latest version APK file from above download button.

Now go to settings then visit security then enable unknown sources.

Visit download manager or file manager where APK files stored and click on Cinema HD latest version APK file.

Now click on Install button.

Wait few seconds to install app.

Wait few more seconds to scan APK file in your device.

Now click on Open button to launch the app.

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How to download and Install Cartoon HD APK on Amazon Firestick/Fire TV

Cartoon HD is one of the oldest app, lots of people are using this app, but they don’t know this can use easily in Firestick, so we have written complete instruction below to download & install it in Firestick, this procedure also used in Fire TV, Android TV Box, NVIDIA Shield etc.

1. Launch Amazon Firestick or Fire TV and go to Settings located on top left.

2. Now tap on second option Fire TV or Device

3. You can see Developer Options click on it.

4. Now tap on Apps from Unknown Sources button

5. Now tap on Turn On button

6. Written to Home and click on search icon.

7. Type Downloader in search box

8. Click on Downloader and install it.

9. Tap Open button

10. Tap on Allow button

11. Tap on OK button

12. Visit Settings in left

13. Tap on the box to Enable JavaScript

14. Tap on Browser

15. Tap on the bar on top to write

16. Now enter exact URL for Cartoon HD download Install Cartoon HD in Firestick

17. Now wait few seconds to download APK file of Cartoon HD.

18. Now tap on Install button.

19. Now tap on Done button.

20. Tap on Delete button.

Install BeeTV APK in Firestick

21. Tap Delete button again.

22. Retun to home screen and visit Your Apps & Channels and click See All

23. You can see Cartoon HD located at the bottom

24. Click on menu button on remote, you get option move to top on Firestick select it.

How to Install Cartoon HD on Windows PC or Mac?

After knowing basics of the app, you must be wondering, can I install in PC? well, you can download and install in windows computer or PC.

But you needed to have software which is known as the Android emulator, such as Bluestacks, Nox etc.

First of all download & install Bluestacks in your PC.

Download APK file from our website.

After download APK file right click on it and open with Android emulator.

After that install it.

Same method you can apply for Mac.

How to Install Cartoon HD on Smart TV?

This app is easily run big screen for non-android television you need external hardware such as Firestick, Fire TV, Android TV Box, NVIDIA Shiled and the procedure are given above.

For Android smart TV you don’t need any external hardware just follow below steps.

Go to Google Play Store and download & install Puffin browser.

After that launch app and go to menu the web address section and type exact URL Then downloading start automatically, return to menu.

You can see app section go there and click on APK file and install it.

How to install cartoon HD Apk?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q- Does the Cartoon HD Host Movies or TV Shows Videos on their Servers?

Ans- No, Cartoon HD does not host any video on their server they just grab high quality links from web.

Q- What devices support Cartoon HD APK?

Ans- Cartoon HD is officially announced for all Android users. This app easily run in follow devices:

Android Smartphone


Android Smart TV

Android TV Box

Firestick, Fire TV

KODI Android BOX

Fire Cube

Android SmartWatch.


Can you get Cartoon HD on iPhone?

No, this app is compatible with only Android devices.

Does it stream content in HD?

Yes, this app very good quality apps.

Is Cartoon HD APK is safe?

Yes, Cartoon HD APK is free from any virus or malware.

Is Cartoon HD Ad-Free?

Cartoon HD have ads because of maintenance of app.

Is Cartoon HD APK is free of cost?

Yes, Cartoon HD is available free of cost, you don’t need to subscribe or register to use this app.


The app has tremendous opportunities of watching videos and movies freely. The other best thing about it is that it is offering videos in HD quality. One can measure their need and then decided about the app. however, it is very use to download, and it is even more easy to use.

Cartoon HD

Cartoon HD is one of the oldest app for entertainment give lots of movies and TV shows.

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Price Currency: USD

Operating System: Android

Application Category: Entertainment